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Denea Testi

General information about paternity DNA test...

Working principle of paternity tests or dna test; is the comparison of the DNA profile of the child with the DNA profiles of the “probable father” (and possibly the mother). Because half of every child's DNA profile is shaped by the DNA inheritance from their biological family. As a result of the test, it is determined whether the DNA cells of the "probable father" are present in the child's DNA inheritance. If there is a biological link between the child being tested and the "probable father", genetic traces clearly reveal this.

You can take the necessary samples from the paternity test or home dna test at your own home and send them to us. Necessary information and special envelopes of the samples to be sent back are available in the test kit packages. The example we use as a standard is “saliva (cells) taken from the inside of the cheek”. It is simply taken by rubbing it into the cheek with special cotton swabs. The purpose of this test is to satisfy your personal curiosity about your child and cannot be used as evidence in court.

Highlights of paternity DNA tests:
  • quick results

    Final results within 7-10 working days after samples are received

  • Affordable prices

    Highly sensitive testing at low costs

  • Painless sampling

    Inner buccal mucosa (saliva) sample is used for DNA samples

  • security

    All of our files are tracked with a personal reference number and are not shared with third parties.

Sample Paternity Test DNA Report

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