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Arma Ltd. Sti. with our 20 years of industry experience, through our Ankara and Bursa offices; We provide services in the field of Analytical Devices, Laboratory Devices and Professional Diagnostic tests.   


We work with Leica in the field of microscopic imaging. Our product portfolio includes Light Microscopes, Stereo Microscopes, Advanced Research Microscopes and Imaging systems. With our demo devices, we help you find the most suitable device for your application.


We work with Agilent within the scope of Chromatographic and Spectroscopic instruments. Spectrophotometer, HPLC systems  (Sugar, Toxins "Mycotoxin, Aflatoxin", Lactose, Vitamins, Additives,  a.a's, etc. Many analyzes are performed), GC systems (Oil analysis), GCMS Systems (Pescide analysis), LCMSMS (Pescide, Toxins etc. analysis), AAS, ICP and ICP/MS (Mineral and Element analysis) Systems are some of the devices we operate.   


We work with Miele on laboratory washing and disinfection systems. In this context  It is ensured that all glassware and utensils in your laboratory are washed and disinfected.


We work with Qiagen on Realtime PCR devices, DNA / RNA analysis kits. We work by providing services or supplying devices in line with your needs in different fields such as Normal / Gradient Thermal Cycler, Digital PCR, Sequencing.


We work with Anton Paar in the field of Laboratory Measurement Equipment and Process Measurement Systems. Microwave Combustion , Refractometer , Polarimeter , Viscometer , Rheometer etc. devices.

In the field of Basic Laboratory devices; Water Purification Systems , Autoclaves , Biosafety Cabinets , Ovens , Incubators , Muffle Furnaces, Ph Meter , Balance , Moisture Analyzer , Color Measurement Device , Centrifuges , Mixers, Deep Freezer etc. There are many laboratory equipment. In this context, we also do Turnkey Laboratory installation projects, including laboratory drawings and furniture.

Within the scope of professional diagnostic tests, we supply workplace drug testing kits / workplace drug testing (Nal von Minden GmbH) and covid-19 test kits (MöLab GmbH) from Turkey with our German partners. In addition, DDC (DNA Diagnostics Center) and Alpha Biolabs Laboratories in Turkey for DNA analysis. We are representing.



Arma Ltd. Sti.

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